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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is my English Level? 
If you are unsure about your level of English, take our Online English Test here

Does the homestay cost include meals? What will I eat? 
Yes, breakfast and evening dinner every day plus a light lunch or a packed lunch at the weekends. Breakfast is usually cereals and toast and marmalade or jam. Dinner is normally a main course and a dessert. All famlies cook different foods but English cooking in the home is very good and our students love the food our host families provide. 
Will my Homestay be close to the school?  
Homestays are always within walking distance of the school 
and usually between 10 & 30 minutes on foot. There is also a good bus service. 
Will there be any pets in my Homestay?  
Not necessarily, but many English families like to have a dog or a cat. We never choose homestays where we consider the dogs or cats to be unclean or dangerous.  
Will I be able to smoke in my Homestay?  
Usually not - you will probably have to smoke outside in the garden. Very few of our homestay providers smoke. Please tell us if you are smoker - we always try to help. 
I don’t want to stay with a family who smoke – is that possible?  
Yes – definitely. Very few homestays permit smoking in their houses. 
Will my hosts do my laundry?  
Your host will do light laundry but you are expected to do your own ironing.  
Should I bring towels?  
Your host will provide towels and sheets which will be changed weekly.  
Do I have to clean my bedroom?  
Your host will clean your room every few days but you are expected to keep it tidy and to leave the bathroom in a clean state. Please make your own bed.  
Will I have a key to my Homestay?  
Yes, you will be given a key to the front door and you are free to come and go as you please.  
Will I be able to cook my own food?  
No because your host will be cooking for you each evening. However, hosts do enjoy their guests cooking a “speciality” meal occasionally.  
I need a special diet – will the host family help me with this?  
Yes, we have some host families who can manage special diets but it is very important that you tell us in advance what your needs are. Even if you are a vegetarian it’s important that we know this before we arrange your host family.  
Will my host family (Homestay)  
meet me when I arrive in Torquay?  
Yes, they will come to the bus or railway station but you should give them your arrival information as soon as you can so they can be sure to be there to meet you. Don't leave it until the day before you arrive!  
Do I need to bring sheets and towels for Rosa/Cedar Cottage flats?  
No, everything will be there for you.  
Are the apartments close to the school?  
Cedar Cottage Apartments are 2/3 minutes on foot and Rosa is 15 minutes on foot  
How far is Club TIS Hotel Residence from school? 
Club TIS is located opposite the school.  
Do I need to bring sheets and towels for Club TIS?  
No, sheets and towels are provided daily and your room is cleaned every weekday and bedlinen is changed once a week. Towels are changed twice a week. 
If I only stay for 20 nights do I have to pay for a full three weeks. 
No, so long as you let us know your arrival and departure dates in advance then we will charge you pro rata for the number of nights you book. 
I'm 54 and my friend is 61. We are concerned that we might be the oldest in the school or in a class with just young people. 
Don't worry, more than 50% of our "students" are over 30 and 23% are over 50 and many are in their 60s and 70s and older too sometimes. Classes are organised first of all according to level and then according to age. You will be fine here at any time of year. 
What should I pack or bring with me?  
Visit our 'What to bring' page for more information 
How can I get to Torquay? 
Visit our 'How to get here' page for more information 
What will the weather be like?  
Two good places to go for weather information:  
How much money will I need each week?  
We think around £16 + per day minimum if you buy lunch on weekdays and use public transport and possibly £170 per week (updated 2012) if you want to include a Saturday or Sunday excursion with the school. But of course  
it depends on what your personal needs are. The following site will give  
you a good idea of the cost of living in Britain on a daily basis.  
www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk is a very good site for information  
about life in Britain. 
I want to take Cambridge Proficiency in English. Do you have a course?  
Yes we do – see (our courses) for dates and details. The Proficiency  
Class can be a very small class and before you enrol for Proficiency you  
need to talk to us first, please contact study@tisenglish.co.uk for more  
information on Cambridge Proficiency classes.  
Are the Cambridge examinations held in Torquay?  
Yes, FCE, CAE, CAE, BEC and IELTS are all held in Torquay - either in the town centre or at the school.  
Can I take IELTS and BEC in Torquay?  
Yes you can and you can also take TOEIC at the school. 
Do you have any disciplinary procedures? 
Yes we do. We take care to see that all students arrive at class on time and take action if they are persistently late. We also have a policy document on behaviour in the school. 
Do you have a complaints procedure in case I have a problem? 
Yes we do and we deal with any problems the moment you bring them to us. You will receive a copy of our Students' Handbook with all this information on your arrival. 
Is this school recognised by the British Council? 
Yes it is and we are also members of IALC, The English Network, English UK, Business English UK and English UK South West. 
Accredited by the British Council
TEN - The English Network
IALC - International Association of Language Schools
English UK
Business English UK
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