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Quick tips to improve your English  

One of the questions on every student's mind is how to improve their English and make the most out of their course at TIS. We have asked some of our long term students and below you will find some of their suggestions: 
'As the importance of using English becomes greater, many people are struggling to find out the best way to improve their English. There is a lot of advice from experts and books worldwide but I believe memorising vocabulary is basic but the most crucial thing to do. Repetition is the best way to fix the words in your mind. Reading books, magazines and newspaper would help people get new words and also recap the words they have already known. Using new vocabulary in conversation is also a good help to store words in learner’s head' - Jiin 
''Practising English outside the classrooms is another vital thing to do. Language is developing especially by its daily usage rather than just theoretically in a course book. Going to pubs and have conversations with locals, watching different films in English and staying with a host family if possible, are some of the possibilities of practicing your English' - Eva 
'Alternatively you could also attend a sports club or make friends with someone who speaks another mother tongue as you do, for example in a language school like TIS is. Furthermore, watching English television and reading books in English can help you improve your vocabulary and speaking' - Michele 
We would love to hear from you! Please post your tips and suggestions below. 

Nine commom and useful English Idioms from 'sunny' Torquay! 

Three of our students from Switzerland (Larissa, Michele and Eva) have created a list of the most common used idioms in the English Language. 
1. As a painter i felt like a fish out of water at the dinner party we threw for my husband's work colleagues. 
2. I am sure she would always go the extra mile for a close friend. 
3. Every student has some the homework today. This happens just once in a blue moon
4. My husband has his own company and because of this he has to work 24/7
5. I was down for the count after my first English lesson. 
6. While we are studying English here in Torquay we aren't earning any money, but every cloud has a silver lining
7. He hates having to play the second fiddle to his wife who is a famous actress. 
8. I am sick and tired of hearing only horrible news on TV. 
9. We as a society have to up our game if we want to solve the problem of global warming. 
Their favourite Swiss idiom (translated word by word in English) is: 'The apple doesn't fall far away from the tree trunk' 
They would be delighted to hear your favourite English idioms or from your country. So don;t hesitate to send them to us below. They are looking forward to receiving some funny ones! 
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