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Home > TIS Blog > Try the British cuisine - an important aspect of your language stay 
The Breakwater Coffee Shop and Bistro, Brixham

Practice and Improve your English by going out for a meal with your friends! 

Trying the local cuisine is an important part of any language experience abroad. It is also a great opportunity to make friends and improve your conversation skills.  
Three of our students (Michele, Jiin and Tomoko) took our advice and enjoyed a lovely meal at Breakwater Coffee shop and Bistro in Brixham. They have shared their experience below: 
'When you arrive by ferry at the port in Brixham, walk all around the harbour until you get to a lovely little beach. Right next to the beach is a lovely restaurant called Breakwater Coffee shop and Bistro. Just one thing to bear in mind - your journey back home. There will not by a ferry back to Torquay after 5.30 pm so you will have to take the bus back which takes around 40 minutes. The restaurant has a very cute decor and there are lots of table which mean you normally don't have to make a reservation. The spectacular view you will enjoy whilst eating is in itself enough to justify a trip to this restaurant' - Michele, Switzerland. 
'The best thing about the restaurant is the food. They offer quite a wide variety of dishes - mostly seafood. The best dish which I recommend is the Shellfish Trio - a pot containing crab, shrimps and mussels in a rich sauce with warm bread and butter on the side. Another dish worth trying is the calamari. It is big and fresh and we bet it is the best calamari in town!' - Jiin, South Korea. 
'The staff at Breakwater Coffee Shop and Bistro are very friendly and professional and customers will surely be satisfied with the service there. The front of house staff helped us choose the food and wine to suit our taste. Furthermore, there are plenty of appropriate tools with which to eat seafood and customers can easily tackly separating shells from crabs and mussels. Also the waiting time is not long even though the restaurant accommodated a large number of customers' - Tomoko, Japan. 
We hope you like this post and that you will try this restaurant. If you have any other suggestions for our students they would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below. 
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