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What to expect from your language course at Torquay International School! 

You know the feeling of curiosity and tension when you have planned a language learning stay in another country and you are not sure what to expect? Well you are not alone! Below you will find a testimonial about Eva's experience at TIS. 
'So, before I came to school I really wondered how everything will be organised, especially because i would stay here for three months. 
First of all, I was very happy about the warm welcome of all staff and teachers. Furthermore, our first day has been planned very well and as a result of that I felt I had all the information I needed. I was pleasantly surprised that after lessons the school gave us the possibility to join the welcome town tour which has been lovely and very helpful. 
What i really like about the school is that they have small classes with different levels, therefore, the way of learning is much more effective than it might be in a bigger or mixed-ability class. The lessons are structured well and it is easy to pay attention to the instructions the teachers are giving. Another strength is that on one of the free afternoons there is the possibility to take advatnage of an extra writing course. 
The location is lovely and to take a break or a stroll in the surrounding areas is relaxing. At weekends the school plans interesting trips to different destinations around Torquay which I really appreciate. 
I can definitely recommend Torquay International School if you want to improve your English. Until now all of my expectations were met and I feel pretty happy about my decision to study English here.'  
Eva, 26, Switzerland 
Feel free to let us know about your experience at TIS! 

Interview with Matteo 

Mateo studied at Torquay International School for 9 months. He came to the school as a level B1 and has left as a really strong C1. 
Q Why did you choose to come to study with us at TIS, Mateo? 
The school was recommended to me, I travel through an agency. 
I was told Torquay is a town full of activities to which not many Spanish speakers come. 
Q What will you do now you have almost finished your course? 
I will spend my time in Europe as it is easy to travel and I have relatives in Spain and Germany. I am going to visit those countries for about a month then I will go back to Colombia to start university. 
Q What has been the best thing you have done whilst studying with us? 
General conversations with my host family. I got on very well with them and for some reason I enjoy talking to native speakers, moreover, chatting with them enhances my English. 
Q What would you tell somebody who asked you for advice about studying at TIS? 
Well obviously it depends on the age, preferences, goals and the person, but in general TIS is a good school to learn English both as a hobby and preparing for exams. 
Mateo Cadena, 20, Colombia  
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