A range of accommodation options to fit every student's needs and requirements

The school has a partner bed & breakfast guest house, the Ferndale, which is an ideal choice for mature students age 30+. The guest house is just 1 minute walk from the school, within a five minutes walk from the town centre and another 10-15 minutes to the lively harbour-side with lots of pubs, restaurants and cafes along the way.

You will enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can join in with others or work quietly on your own. All of the rooms have a single or double bed with en-suite bathroom.

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Perfect choice for independent living.
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Stay with an English family in Torquay, enjoy their food and practice your English! Whatever your age, nationality or requirements, we have no hesitation in recommending our homestays!

Living with a family will give you a unique insight into the local culture, in terms of visiting local places of interest, meeting local people and trying local cuisine.

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