Why Choose TIS

Our strengths

More than 40 years of experience

We have been teaching English since 1972. Between us we have a vast depth of knowledge and experience about teaching and caring for our students.

Our team believes passionately in the quality of our school and the courses we offer. We have decades of experience in delivering engaging, results-driven courses and are very excited about the prospect of tailoring our courses so that they meet the specific needs of every one of our students.

Small class sizes and individual attention

We believe passionately in the quality of our school, the courses and the accommodation that we offer to all our clients. At Torquay International School our average staff/student ratio is 1/4.

Our General English courses benefit from an average class size of 7 – 8 students (maximum 12). Our Professional English stream, Max 4, on the other hand enjoys the luxury of 2 – 3 students on average per class (maximum 4).

Homestay Providers

Our homestay providers are carefully chosen to ensure students will enjoy a very English experience!

We understand how important a comfortable and welcoming home environment is when you’re studying abroad, and we can happily report that our accommodation was singled out as one of ten areas of outstanding strength in our 2015 British Council accreditation assessment. 

Our accommodation team have a close working relationship with every family and intimate knowledge of each individual home, making every effort to guarantee their quality and consistency. In fact, some of our families have been welcoming TIS students into their homes for three generations! 

You can rest assured that you would experience the best of British hospitality during your stay with us.

Social Programme

We offer an integrated social and cultural programme, ensuring students make the most of every moment of their stay here in the UK.

By joining the social programme you will be in contact with other students and widen your experience of different nationalities as well as learning more about English history and culture.

The programme is organised on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ and ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. The programme is advertised in our student lounge and you can book the activities in school.

Stunning location

Located in the South West of England, TIS offers an unrivalled study environment by the sea, with easy access to Dartmoor National Park and the beautiful Devon countryside, away from the rush and pressure of London and some of the more established centres.

Torquay has more attractions than any other seaside town in the UK, numerous exciting events throughout the year and plenty of opportunities for sports, particularly water sports.